Lightworkers, Unite

Show 89: When Lightworkers Compete…

September 13, 2022

Do you find yourself comparing your work and what you do with others? Maybe even your soul sisters? Mayume and Manjeet discuss the differences between making it a competition versus making it a collaboration... In this show, the ladies chat it up about Lightworkers competing with one another, how that can feel, what that looks like and how we can shift that energy of ego and work alongside one another with a healthy mindset instead.  Showing up with our own light and supporting fellow Lightworkers on their journey is what Authors, Healers, Coaches, Speakers, Mediums and so many others do in all types of work. Notice where you land in this topic. Let's stop comparing and start collaborating so that we may work together and share in helping to make this world a better place. The world needs more Lightworkers. It is not a competition. As usual, Mayume and Manjeet show their own personal stories with some guidance, insight and of course, laughs. 

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