Lightworkers, Unite

Show 87: Creating Your Sacred Space and Spiritual Practice

August 30, 2022

Do you have a special sacred space for yourself? Do you have a daily (or weekly/monthly) spiritual practice that allows you time to connect with the Universe, God, Angels, and/or your Spirit Guides? Perhaps you, Lightworker, already have a space and practice and we'd love for you to share what you do! And for those that are listening that don't, well, tune in as Mayume and Manjeet share  their own daily spiritual practices, what works for them, and where they might need improvement or changes. There's no right or wrong... just whatever resonates with you and where you're at in your soul journey. So take 30 mins to check in and listen to the ladies and see where in your life there's room to create your own special sacred space for your beautiful daily spiritual practice.

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